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Local Trail Runners

Ladies On Single Track ~ L.O.S.T. began in 2013 to encourage female participants in the sport of mountain biking in Norfolk County and grow the female membership within the Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club.  


L.O.S.T. was the brainchild of 3 enthusiastic female riders at that time; Sherri Schira, Meg Palermo and Jennifer Bennett.  At the inception of the TPMBC in 2011, there were only 6 of us women registered as members.  To date, the female membership has grown significantly to well over 125 female memberships.  We are pleased and proud of the significant increase in our female ridership numbers, knowing we played a role as catalyst, coach, friend and ride companion to newcomers in this sport and to our club.


L.O.S.T. rides are women specific, weekly group rides for adults on the beautiful trails in and around Turkey Point Provincial Park.  Though our riders vary in focus and drive, our attitudes remain the same for fun-filled,social ride.  This welcoming and relaxed vibe lends well to improving your riding skills, building confidence and overcoming your fears and improving physical fitness levels, balance, coordination and your aerobic endurance.  Come ride with us and explore our incredible and extensive trail system among the friendly company of  L.O.S.T.

This is not a flat, rail trail experience.  You will be gradually exposed to rolling, single track trails through our Carolinian forest tracts.  You will learn to become comfortable and confident in ascending and descending hills, maneuvering your bike over roots, rocks and logrollovers, cornering, braking and gear shifting.  We are a sub group under the TPMBC , therefore you are not required to pay extra to ride with LOST.  All rides are led by an experienced TPMBC female Volunteer Guide and followed up by a “Sweep,” so that no rider feels they are being left behind.  Rest is taken after every trail to catch your breath, review, adjust bikes & gear if need be, hydrate and motivate you on to conquer the next trail!  

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